Experienced Therapists

We want you to succeed as much as you do. Our Experienced Therapists are the future of Real Therapy Solutions,

Now you are confident in your therapy skills, let us help you specialise or focus on an area you love.

Our guarantee to you in the first 12-months or 4 weeks paid salary free:

  1. Group supervision every 2 months
  2. Annual professional development training* from some of the best in your field, and we will send you to learn from them.
  3. A buddy to reach out to whenever you need

You will also have the opportunity to buddy a new therapist joining RTS, as well as present to your team and develop training skills.

You may even choose to be part of one of our leadership and mentoring programs, aimed to develop your management or leadership skills – up to you!

*budgets for your professional development are based on your level of experience and performance.

Send your resume to jointheteam@realtherapysolutions.com.au
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