Our Policies

This is where you can find all our Policies, these are the key principles by which we operate, a guide for all our staff to follow and for our clients to understand what they can expect from us on a day-to-day basis.

Your feedback on any of these policies and their implementation is very welcome and encouraged,  you can provide feedback in a number of ways:

  1. Call us to give feedback on 1300 856 617.
  2. Email us at admin@realtherapysolutions.com.au
  3. Talk directly to one of our therapists or staff at your next appointment
  4. Send us a letter to our Head Office at P.O Box 230,  Figtree NSW 2525.

As we regularly review Policies you may be asked to contribute your opinions or ideas throughout the year directly by one of our staff. This is entirely voluntary.

Here are some of our Important Policies

COMPLAINTS AND FEEDBACK – We welcome your complaints as a way to better our services.

What is a complaint – easy read

Complaints and Feedback Policy

Client Complaint Form

Easy Read Complaint Form


DISCRIMINATION – Real Therapy Solutions is committed to eliminating Discrimination of anyone to our services and to eliminating Discrimination overall towards people with a Disability or  Mental Health condition.

Easy Read Discrimination

What is Discrimination – Full Version


Our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy – At Real Therapy Solutions, we value and respect your privacy. We are clear guidelines on how we store and protect your information.

Information Seeking Policy

Our Incident Management Policy – We value your safety and protection.

Incident Management

ADVOCACY SUPPORT INFORMATION – If you are a person with a disability and are interested in seeking advocacy support- here are some local advocacy service brochures

ASK Izzy – Advocacy Finder

Community Advocacy Services

Individual Advocacy Services

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