Autism Eligibility for NDIS

Autism Eligibility for NDIS

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  There has been a lot of confusion around the Autism diagnosis and eligibility for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The recent “accidental” change to the operational guidelines by the NDIA was certainly at the centre of this. Where they published information stating that Autism Level 2 would no longer be accepted automatically as…

Will Using PECS Stop the Development of Speech?


PECS is an efficient mode of communication for children who are non-verbal and children who “speak” but have difficulties being understood by others. In this way, a child’s pictures act as their “words” while speech and language skills are still developing, which in turn is likely to reduce frustration and behaviours associated with communication breakdowns.

What is High Functioning Autism (Aspergers Syndrome)?


High Functioning Autism or Aspergers Syndrome is the term used to describe individuals on the autism spectrum who have a normal or higher intelligence and a strong language ability, but have the core features of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Early Signs and Symptoms of Autism

First Steps

Parents frequently ask “What are the symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder?” and unfortunately we can’t always give a straight answer. Autism isn’t like most diagnoses where your child will display symptoms x, y and z and you know that’s what it is. Autism has a range of symptoms that fit into two categories and the presentations between children may vary significantly. Read on to find out about some of the early signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

First Steps

Autism Spectrum Disorder is classified as a pervasive neurodevelopmental disorder. What this means is it is lifelong and relates to the development of the brain. Autism Spectrum Disorder is characterised by difficulties with social communication and interaction, and ritualised patterns of behaviours. Symptoms often present in early childhood, but the average age of diagnosis is 5.49 years.

Why Do Kids With Autism Experience Bullying More Than Their Peers?


Research suggests that individuals with autism spectrum disorders experience victimisation and social rejection up to four times more than their peers without autism. When looking at the playground, children and adolescents with autism were more likely to experience intentional social exclusion (being purposefully left out or avoided) and acts of physical aggression from their peers.

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