Liezel Van Eeden


Liezel Van Eeden is an experienced Occupational Therapist with more than 30 years of experience in working with children and adults with intellectual disabilities, mental health needs and/or complex trauma. In addition, Liezel has completed a diploma in Management, Diploma in Primary Education and upskilled in various practice models such as DIR floor time, Sensory Integration, Behavioural Management, Handwriting, Trauma and Attachment Models and complex home modifications to name a few.

Liezel was the founder and director of an orphanage and care facility for abused and disabled children in South Africa where she developed and facilitated a therapeutic and education program for severely traumatised children and young adults with disabilities.

Liezel has worked in a variety of settings in both the private and public sector, working with clients of all ages where she used a variety of approaches to achieve functional goals for her clients. With years of clinical and management experience in a Multi-Disciplinary team, Liezel had a strong focus on establishing and overseeing quality assurance processes in Real Therapy Solutions to ensure the provision of evidence based, best practice interventions that meets our client’s needs.

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